Can I sign up for any day?

Absolutely! Any day that is open, up to six people.

Do kids under 3 count?

No, anyone under the age of 3 does not count towards the total number of folks we can have on a trip. (But please not 6 adults and 5 kids under 3, or something like that, it will be too crowded.)

What if 2 people are already signed up for a day, can I still sign up on that day as well?

Sure, up to a total of 6 people. If you see someone you like has signed up and want to go out the same day, great! Get a few of your friends and sign up together on the same day, whatever works! If you see someone signed up that you don't like, sign up anyway and get to know them better!

Does it cost anything?

No, we just want the pleasure of your company. If you won't be able to sleep unless you contribute, by all means bring a dessert.

What is a typical day on the boat like?

Saturdays are usually 11am until 5pm or so, but of course we will work with your schedule. If you can't be there until 12pm, or need to come in early, no problem. Sundays are typically 1pm until 6pm or so. (We don't miss church!) We leave the dock, head out into the river, and usually head out to the Island or a creek in the Bay, usually only a 15 or 20 minute run. Then we anchor, swim (if you want), eat, and generally have a great time!

Is the boat safe?

Yes, we have all the required safety equipment, life preservers, etc. It is a big enough boat to handle just about anything the bay can dish out, except maybe a hurricane. If the water is rough, we stay inland and still anchor, swim, eat, and generally have a great time! We want you to have fun, so we won't risk a bad experience. You don't need to worry about us plowing out in 6 ft seas.

Do we have to wear life preservers?

We request anyone 8 or under wear a life preserver while on the boat, regardless of whether they can swim or not. But we would suggest anyone who cannot swim wear one, even adults, but we don't require it. If you jump in the water, and we hope you do, we ask that everyone take a float, noodle, something. It just makes us feel better.

Will we eat at some point?

Yes you will, so come hungry! We cook on the grill (Yes, we have a grill on the boat. Awesome, I know!) And we have healthy choices if you are so inclined, or not so healthy if you lean that way. Hey, we don't judge!

What is the catch?

No catch at all. Here it is in a nutshell- We have been tremendously blessed to have this boat. God has given us the opportunity to do what we love- being on the water and sharing time with folks. And we want to bless others the way He has blessed us, so it is our way of sharing what we have been given. So come, enjoy, don't worry about anything, just relax and have a good time. And when you get the chance- give to someone else!

What should I wear?

It's a boat, so assume at some point you might get a little wet. Shorts, sunglasses, a hat if you like, sunscreen (We don't fool around with melanoma on our boat!) Definitely bring a swim suit if you like to swim (Family friendly please!!) Boat shoes, tennis shoes, or flip flops- No black soles shoes, boots, or dress shoes if you don't mind!

Do I have to swim?

No, totally your call. Do whatever, or don't do whatever, you like. It's a day for you to have fun!

I don't know you guys that well, so I am nervous about signing up even though I was invited..

Please don't be. This is the reason we got the boat in the first place. We want you to feel comfortable and have a great time.

Why did you name the boat “Perseverance”?

3 reasons, really. First, it took 12 years to find that boat, and my poor wife endured one-day trips to Erie, North Carolina, Boston, and other faraway places looking at boats. And we finally found it in Mamaroneck, NY, and to be quite honest we never should have ended up with it. It should have went to someone else with more money. But we were Blessed!

Second, my wife is one of the greatest gifts I have been given on this earth, and it is remarkable not only that we found each other, but that we made it through some very tough times to end up together. And it took God and some perseverance on both our parts to make that happen.

And Third, several years ago my only brother passed away from brain cancer at the age of 36. Both he, my parents, and my sisters showed tremendous strength and courage through the darkest of times. I think of this passage from the Bible, “But we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope”. (Romans 5, 3-4). It is not if we have hard times, it is when. And if we persevere through those hard times, God can bring good from all of it. I have seen it so often in my own life. So the name of the boat is a reminder of the gifts we have been given- time with family and friends that should never be taken for granted, experiencing the beauty that still exists in this world like the sun glisten off the waves, some really good conversations with people we might not have gotten to share with otherwise, and the hope we have in a Savior that loves us- just as we are.